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Goal - moving toward recovery of the “real you,” enabling you to both give and receive love; discovering a life of grace and truth based on God’s Word and Christ’s love.


Realization - removing the masks you wear; identifying and overcoming lies you’ve believed about yourself, God, and others; discovering the joy and freedom of being who God made you to be.


Accountability - realizing you’re not responsible for what happened to you, but you are accountable for how you respond: deciding not to remain a victim, choosing to forgive, and embracing the truth of God’s perspective.


Community - developing trust and openness with others in a confidential setting, while empathizing with each other’s unique journeys; building supportive continuing relationships.


Experience - experiencing Christ’s love and taking it into your home, workplace, and church, modeling authentic Christianity; using the tools you’ll receive to experience lasting change.


The Grace Encounter workshop seeks to create an environment that offers you an opportunity to take personal growth steps that you have found elusive to this point in your life. To do that, the GE workshop environment takes you out of your normal world and into the GE training world. We’re all creatures of comfort, and the Training Room environment will not make your comfort its top priority, so you will experience feelings of being outside of your comfort zones. While we will seek to honor you, we will also challenge you through many aspects of the Training. Individuals with a strong desire to grow and change will be most prepared to benefit from the challenges you will receive in the GE workshop.


GE uses a variety of means to create this challenging environment and invite you to growth. You are a spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, relational, and psychological human being, and we will reach to you through all these dimensions. We require attendees to “live” at the workshop site (the hotel) during Journeys One, Two, and Three, spending your days and nights in the workshop and with other Trainees. This completes the experience of “giving you a break” from your normal life, as you are surrounded with an environment that invites new thoughts and new feelings.


During the workshop sessions, we will lead your group in a variety of “exercises.” These are times of sharing, asking and answering questions about our lives, receiving teaching about insights and skills for living, and practicing those skills. Some of the exercises are done with the whole Trainee group (our average size has been 15), and for some exercises we will break you into smaller groups. Because we want you to be open and share at an honest level, every Trainee is required to commit to confidentiality about what they hear from other Trainees. Our goal is to provide you with an environment in which it is safe to share from your heart.


We believe it would be counter-productive to tell you more exactly what the exercises we do in the GE workshop are. Part of the impact and benefit Trainees find is experiencing the exercises without advance time to analyze what they’ve been told is coming. Our goal is certainly not to be secretive, but to serve you well, and providing you more details in advance seems to not serve you well. Past Trainees can attest to this value. Trainees are asked to not share the specifics of the exercises we use. However, you will certainly be free to share openly the benefits and lessons you’ve learned in the workshop.


Grace Encounter seeks to put into practice the biblical principle of “speaking the truth in love.” We are not a church that continues on and incorporates new members. But as we help you gain the benefit of receiving and giving truth spoken in love, we pray that individuals, families, churches, and relationships will be strengthened.



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