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In order to attend Grace Encounter, you do not have to believe in God, be a Christian, or be involved in religion. However, the workshop is consistent with principles we believe are taught in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures (the Bible). You can benefit greatly from the Journeys whether you have faith in Jesus Christ or not. But we will certainly point you to Christ as the deepest source for the life-change we all need.

Here is a basic statement of core beliefs that we hold, from our studies in the Bible. Although we do not spend time teaching each of these beliefs during the Journeys, each one of these statements has relevance to what we do in Grace Encounter.

We believe in…

The Bible as God’s inspired, inerrant Word
The Holy Trinity of the Godhead
The virgin birth of Jesus as the Son of Man and the Son of God
The death and resurrection of Jesus as God’s atonement for sinful human nature
The need for each individual to respond to God’s grace by faith
The sanctifying presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all believers


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