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I do not understand the

mysteries of grace -- only that

it meets us where we are but

does not leave us where it

found us.

Anne Lamott


Support Group

Intensive Spiritual Growth Workshop

4 Weekends to ignite your heart again.
Starts May 31


We invite you to a journey into your heart to find yourself in an Encounter with Grace in order to find healing and wholeness. It begins with just one step. Come, we invite you to join us for the next Grace Encounter.


We believe Grace Encounter is one of the most effective and efficient options available to you for achieving life change. It is also incredibly helpful in encouraging emotional healing for issues such as shame, anger, and anxiety.

In our own growth journeys, this workshop has been among the most influential and powerful factors helping us move toward our goals and dreams.

No workshop is a substitute for years of learning and maturing, but we’ve never before seen such significant, measurable discipleship growth happen in a short-term setting. It happened to us, and we’re seeing it happen to others in the intensive environment of Grace Encounter, where truth is demonstrated and spoken in love.

There are experiences in life that truly change us. We choose a different road. Our hearts are renewed. Hope becomes reality. Chains fall. Prison doors open. Light replaces darkness. Faces look up, encountering God’s love and grace. Faces look out, finding love and grace from others’ faces. Faces look in, discovering worth and goodness. And many are never the same again.

Grace Encounter can be that kind of experience for you. It has, and continues to be that for many. We invite you to join us for the next Grace Encounter.

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