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Logo Resources Page

Please take a few minutes to look over the guidelines below prior to using the logo. These guidelines help us to use the logo in the same way consitantly across all of our materials. What this does is allows us to speak with one voice. This gives a consistency and quality to all that we do. In these little ways we can serve our community the best we can. Thanks!

Main Logo: This should be the logo we use for most instances. 

Icon Logo: This logo should be used only if space is limited where the readability of the first logo would be compromised.

Seal Logo: This logo can be used as a branding accent only or water mark. It should never be used as the primary logo. 

Please use this font for all documents. We use the regular and semi-bold weights. Download the file from Google, and right click and select extract. Open the extracted folder and right click on the font and select install to add it to your computer. 

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